Socks the Rapscallion (aka Gretchen) — Normally…

August 8, 2006

Socks the Rapscallion (aka Gretchen) —

Normally I don’t think that I would proposition folks on the Internet to adopt a cat.

Okay, who am I fooling? Of *course* I would!! But this cat is a special cat, and by “special” I don’t mean in that cute, sweet, oh-how-adorable sort of way.

If this cat were a book character, she would be the Grinch.

That being said, my brother loved this cat and didn’t want to part with her. That is, until Socks/Gretchen took a claw to my beloved niece. I know that there are all sorts of animal/baby bonding tips out there, but look in this cat’s eyes and tell me what *you* see.

Nonetheless, I believe that there is someone for everyone, and maybe — just maybe — there’s someone out there who would benefit from the love of this cat. God knows that she could benefit from a little love herself.

So, without further ado, I present to you Gretchen, who could really use a good home (as long as there are no children or other animals present). She really does look cute chasing her cat toys.



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