Twisted Sister Wants to be My Friend! — If you …

August 15, 2006

Twisted Sister Wants to be My Friend! —

If you are a member of mybloglog, you’ll know that there’s this fabulous message that appears when someone adds you as a contact. It reads, “It’s good to be loved.” Awwwwww. Pass me the Kleenex, would ya? Chokes me up every time.

So this morning when I logged on to my computer (on nothing other than my 36th birthday — not that I’m telling anyone), I had a new friend request on this yearbook site I joined, which seems to be a take-off on myspace with only minor differences (no pun intented on the use of the word “minor”). Truthfully, I’m not even sure why I’m there. Feeling a little nostalgic for the home team, feeling old and tired–piss, bitch, moan, etc.

“Who might want to be my friend?” I asked myself, always more giddy about some stranger propositioning me than I really should be.

Imagine my surprise and dismay when it turns out that it’s not Robert Redford who wants to be my friend, but Twisted Sister (or some creepy guy in New York using their name as a moniker). Twisted Sister . . . Robert Redford . . . Twisted Sister . . . Robert Redford. Hmmm.

Admittedly both were hotter twenty years ago. I’m not that old and senile . . . yet.

I’m still debating whether or not to “accept Twisted Sister” as my friend. If I thought they had anything to do with the original band, I might. I am a product of the ’80s, after all, and the thought of old, depressed rockers just touches my heart. But then I think of some creepy guy in New York sitting home alone on his computer, and I just want to hurl (good ’80’s word, huh?).

Eeeewwww. I just dug a little deeper. Not pretty.

Wow. Wow. And Double Wow. I am old . . . and naive. That’s the lesson I take from the things I see on the Internet. Apparently this is why so many parents won’t let their kids have a myspace account. (As if that’s stopping them. HA!)

So enough of that. I think I definitely need to get back to talking about my dog and leave Twisted Sister, et al., alone. Did I say “Eeeeewwwwwwww” already?

For all the true (but harmless) voyeurs out there, this is the message I received. For all I know it may really be associated with the actual ’80s big-hair band:

Hi Angela,

Twisted Sister wants to be your friend.

By accepting Twisted Sister as your friend, you will be able to view their friends’ profiles, and browse their photos, blogs, wills, autographs, classes, and more.

You can check out Twisted Sister’s Profile at:



  1. Hi Angela, Happy Bday! Hope your bday treated you well and best wishes for many more! Get any good presents worth mentioning? If it is sexy and from the husband – nevermind, I don’t need to know.

  2. Well, considering the fact that he picked up our daughter to go and purchase whatever he had in mind, I’m *hoping* that it’s blog/kid friendly! Now I’m worried. 🙂 Thanks for the warm wishes. Now I see why they say it ain’t easy gettin’ older!

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