You People Are Pretty Serious about your Grass! –…

September 1, 2006

You People Are Pretty Serious about your Grass! —

Two years ago, when Jon moved up from Arizona, he was — in his words — blown away by the grass here in Idaho. “You guys take your grass pretty seriously,” he told me. Not sure whether to feel proud or ashamed I gave some standard “I guess we do” reply and tried to change the subject.

Four years ago, when I was going through a divorce and was not functioning at my normal manic level, my parents decided to do something practical that would help me (being the practical people that they are) and hired . . . you guessed it . . . a lawn service!!

(“Because,” they told me smugly, “you’re just not a grass-cutting kind of girl, Angie.” Humphf. I’ve cut the grass twice since they told me that, TWICE, do you hear me?! Just to prove them wrong. I will admit that I don’t like cutting the grass, though. I will give them that.)

Maybe it’s because we technically live in the desert. Maybe it’s because most of us are California transplants, and grass just doesn’t grow here the way it does in California. Maybe we’ve just chosen grass as our state obsession, the way people in Wisconsin are obsessed with cheese. Whatever the reason, we are serious about our grass here, dammit, and proud of it!

Now if I could just get Jon to stop creating a Florida swamp in the attempt to have grass that’s greener than the Wilsons, we’d be pretty darn near perfect. Don’t tell him, but I turn off the watering system on a regular basis to keep the flood level to a minimum. All that standing water is just not good for someone as terrified of West Nile as I am.

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