Mourning the Loss of Steve Irwin — Crikey, we’…

September 6, 2006

Mourning the Loss of Steve Irwin —

Crikey, we’re going to miss this guy: “World Mourns Loss of Crocodile Hunter

I admire Steve Irwin because he was a conservationist, a teacher and an overall lover of animals. I am saddened and angry at his death because he leaves behind a wife (who apparently loved him) and two small children, unnervingly close in age to my own two cherubs.

He was criticized (and rightfully so, I think) for holding his one-month baby in one arm and throwing a dead chicken with the other to a waiting hungry croc. (see story here). And while criticizing the dead is not a popular position, I am equally upset that everyone is talking about this as a “freak accident” because Irwin was such a likeable guy and not talking about how Irwin put his life on the line hundreds of times and most likely his luck had just run out.

As parents, what are our responsibilities to our children in terms of our own life’s preservation?

People give up smoking, motorcycle-riding and any number of life-threatening or dangerous activities because they don’t like the term “orphan” associated with their children.

Was he doing what he loved when he died, as some fans suggest? Most likely.

Does that make it okay that he’s no longer here for his wife and kids? Hmmmm. This one’s striking a cord today, folks. There has to be a happy medium.

If my husband died, I’d never forgive him. You *can* tell him that.



  1. Good question. And I did think he was totally irresponsible and wacko for having a child anywhere near a crocodile. It’s sad for his family that he’s gone, but without knowing him, we just don’t know whether or not he usually put his family first, before his profession, or not. It seldom occurs to people that they could actually be killed!

  2. Acton,Thanks so much for visiting. I really do love your blog. đŸ™‚

  3. Yes i was listening on the radio about them debating about that he had a moral responsibility with him having kids/family. I have to agree, when you start bringing kids/ a family into this world, priorities just have to change. I am not saying give up what he loved entirely as that wouldn’t be possible – I am just saying take less risks. I guess it is easy to sit here and say what he “should” have done now when we didn’t think about that too much when he was alive.

  4. I’m glad to see that someone asks those questions. Priorities should change when you are married/have kids, and also if you have pets. Pets are also a life-long commitment. The fact remains that Irwin wouldn’t have died except for (what I think)his irresponsible choice. I mean, he did have a choice!

  5. Thanks, Mini.In so many ways I admire him, but I hope to learn a lesson from his life (and death) by cherishing my family and animals while I’m here and doing my best to not ditch out on them before I’m old and gray. Loving my family (animals included) means more than just saying “I love you.”

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