Autistic Traits in Adults

September 12, 2006

Let’s hear it for yet another Internet quiz! Hooray!

Today’s quiz is brought to you by my new good friend Mike Rouse, who may be very good with numbers and is–at the very least–a hell of a lot better on the computer than I am.

Since I suck at numbers (and am as distractable as a two-year-old), I apparently don’t need to worry about Asperger’s Syndrome being associated with my name anytime soon. (Don’t tell my mother I just used the word “suck.” She has some very pointed things to say about that word.)

That’s not to say that you won’t hear dozens of other personality disorders, et al., directly attributed to me (if we find the right test), but we’ll leave that for another post now, won’t we?! I said, “WON’T WE?!” (The correct answer is, “Yes, Mistress.”)

No personality disorders here. Nope, not me.


And now I present to you for your procrastination enjoyment: The Autism-Spectrum Quotient



  1. whoa! thanks for the quiz, that was very interesting! i scored a 17… but i’m going to show it to my 25 year old son in the morning, because i suspect he may test higher (this is something we’ve been kind of wondering about lately). i don’t suck with numbers… and am *still* as distractable as a two-year old. what’s up with that? can you say… ADD? i thought you might!!)

  2. I scored 3!

    I don’t know if there is a syndrome which is the opposite of Autism but if there is I’ve got it.


  3. My inability with numbers/codes/computers and my continuous desire to be where the party is ranked me in at a solid 4. 4?! Doesn’t that qualify me for some other disorder/abnormality? What’s normal, anyway. Pfpht.Definitely ADD, or in my case, ADHD. The hyperactive portion of those troubles were what kept me in detention through most of junior high and high school. Thanks so much, Neva, for stopping by. I adore your site and am so grateful for the daily/weekly dose of wisdom.

  4. Partyanimalitis. I love it!! What I’m wondering this morning is if every syndrome has it’s upside — like those of us who supposedly have ADHD do really well in social situations because of our people skills and high energy level. Can’t sit us down to finish a task, but damn we’re good with a crowd! 🙂

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