Today’s T-Shirt Bargain

September 12, 2006

Only $10.99 @ cafepress.com



  1. lovelovelove this t-shirt! altho’ in my case, the “medication” would be caffeine… still, without it, who knows who would be safe around me!

    and thanks so much for the kind comments you’ve been leaving on my site… i’ll try to be a better “new” friend and get over here more often, because you’ve got a lot of *great* content on your blog and i’m really enjoying reading it! xox

  2. oh gosh… I soooo have to get this shirt! too funny!

  3. Isn’t that shirt hilarious? I would want to wear it just for the reaction I would get. Can you imagine?! Hehehehehehehehe.p.s. Thanks for letting me join your little band at your site. No need to worry about reciprocity. I feel privileged just to be able to visit and post. I think I started reading with your anniversary post, and it really touched me because so much of what you said applies to Jon and me. It’s good to find kindred spirits in this world!

  4. My problem is that I keep wanting to buy the shirts for other people I know. Perhaps this is why I had it suggested to me lately that focusing on my own personal spiritual growth might be a good idea?! {{embarrassed shrug}}

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