Dogs of the World, Beware

September 13, 2006

Halloween is just around the corner, and owners who love you are scouring the Internet in search of just the right outfit to showcase your delicious cuteness.

Run now.


  1. Cute! So you recommending clothes for dogs too? 😉 Not sure whether the dog will appreciate a wonder woman costume though.

  2. That is so freakin’ cute!

  3. I’m sure my Auggies thank me for only putting bandana’s on them. However, if they keep up the porch plopping…

  4. Oh, I’ve got a whole lot of recommendations where that came from! 🙂 My opinion, three bucks and three quarters will get you a good cup o’ joe. Just remember that when I’m co-hosting something with Dr. Phil. HA!

  5. Orhan,Isn’t that hilarious?! Poor dog just looks miserable. Maybe some dogs like it?Margaret,Thanks so much for stopping by! I can totally relate. Love the Eyeore icon. He has a special place in my heart.Cheers!

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