Allerca Takes the Sneeze Out of the Cat

September 15, 2006

(Or, “How I Was Finally Able to Love a Cat”)

Not for the short-on-cash but certainly interesting and one more stepping stone in the path to genetic engineering, which fascinates and frightens me all at the same time. Interesting stuff.

Biotech Company Claims to Breed Cats that Don’t Trigger Allergies” (CBS News, Sept. 14, 2006)

Joshua, the Sneeze-free Feline

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  2. ^ What the what? Spam much.

    I’ve tried to love cats, I really have but I just can’t. Cats are like women to me, too freakin’ hard to figure out and handle, though kittens are like children, fun and games until you say the word no, in which case they turn into Gremlins with water on their back.

    In other words, I’m a dog person. Cat allergies have never been a problem, though I’ve noticed a boat load of people I know have cat allergies. Weird world.

  3. (Singing in my best Monty Python voice) “In spamalot . . .” Geeze. At least give your real name “Anonymous”! Just for the ability to post this without completely confusing any further posters, I’m going to leave it up Mr. Siding a House. Go spam someone else’s blog next time! HA! Take that!

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