Courtesy Notice

September 19, 2006

If you’re not going to tell me who you are, why you’re IMing me and what you hope to gain from said conversation, prepare to get blocked.

For the record, I’m 36, look like I’m still in my twenties, have been hit on, grabbed at, and have listened to FAR too many inappropriate comments in my life to spend time IMing strangers who won’t make their intentions known. I’m just about sick of it, thank you very little.

Scratch that. I AM sick of it — unsolicited sexual advances, that is, not IMing — if you actually want to IM me just because you’re being a friendly friend, that’s all well and good, especially if you love animals. A sex service I am not (said in my best Yoda voice).

Ooooooh, looks like somebody is having a case of the Moondays. Is it Margarita Friday yet?

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