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When Parents Meet at the Water Cooler

October 31, 2006

Rex: ROAR!

Woody: Oh, how ya doin’, Rex.

Rex: Were you scared? Tell me honestly.

Woody: I was very close to being scared that time.

Rex: I was going for fearsome, but I don’t think I’m coming across. I’m afraid I’m just coming off as annoying.


Because not posting this is just downright criminal

October 28, 2006

This *might* be the most funny thing I’ve read in quite some time and completely plays to my darker, Jerry Seinfeld side, courtesy of Diesel at the Mattress Police. (His bio alone is worth the read.)

Of course, this is also in the running. But this guy gets *paid* to be funny, so the romance in it wanes for me . . . just a bit. Not totally, you understand. Just a teensy, tinsey, little bit. Like a minuscule amount really. Like the size of the hair on the flea on my dog type of amount. And maybe not even that much.

Happy weekend, all.


Suspected Spam

October 28, 2006

Ya THINK?!!!


   実現するには経費にかかる資金が必要だからちょっと無理 76% 
 実現する為にお金を貯めている   16% 
 もうすでに始めてる 5% 
 諦めた  3% 

Please also visit the lovely ladies of Central Snark for what I thought was the funniest post on spam to date. (Excuse me, English teachers, that’s “most funny” to you!)


Glasses for Smokey

October 27, 2006

Yep. It’s official, our dog has poor eyesight and requires glasses. Poor Lil’ Smokey.


There’s Snow in Them Thar Hills

October 26, 2006

There is a beautiful powdered-sugar like dusting of snow on the mountains today. Click below to watch the snow fall. Yippee!!

Bogus Basin Web Cams

Photo courtesy of maallis10 on Flickr, taken earlier this year. Hope the snow this year is just as good! (This was a spring shot.)


Would you like some coffee with that?

October 25, 2006

You’d think that my Aunt Sandy was the one with the McDonald’s experience, instead of me. Mmmmm. Good coffee. Coffee good.


Angie’s New Lifetime To-Do List

October 21, 2006

So I’m only at 52 things to do before I’m dead. 50, technically, since I believe I’ve already done one of them since first typing this list and the other one can’t be done until after I’m dead. (Please Jon, Mom and Ed, notice this and make it happen, would ya?) The one thing I’ve been able to do is bolded, although I’m still not quite there yet. Soon, says my vanity. Soon.

1. Swim with dolphins

2. Climb a mountain (a small one — maybe start with more like a hill)

3. Take a Ferrari for a test drive (preferably on the Autobahn, and a red one — Ferrari that is — at that!)

4. See the inside of the Great Pyramid

5. Bungee jump

6. Visit Paris

7. Watch a lightning storm at sea

8. See the Northern Lights

9. Walk the stairs to the top of the Tower of Pisa

10. Drink coffee with Melissa at an Italian cafe

11. Touch an iceberg

12. Take a trip in a hot air balloon

13. Go hang-gliding

14. Drink tea with Denise in Victoria

15. Visit Angel Falls

16. Give a big chunk of money to a charity like Make-a-wish or Unicef

17. Visit Ireland

18. Ride a gondola in Venice

19. Whitewater Raft

20. Visit Banff in the summer

21. Bike the Tour of the Unknown Coast

22. Take the kids to the Kinetic Sculpture Race

23. Camp in the Redwoods

24. Get (re)married in Vegas, preferably with Elvis officiating

25. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge

26. Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

27. Go on a cooking vacation (preferably in Italy)

28. Take the kids to the Oregon Caves

29. Volunteer at an animal shelter

30. Take a canoe trip that lasts more than 2 days

31. Keep my teaching credential

32. Get re-involved in community theatre, even if it’s just handing out programs

33. Take the kids to Disneyland/Disneyworld

34. Pay off ALL debts (except the house . . . well, the house, too, eventually)

35. Own a convertible

36. Take a sleigh ride in Sun Valley

37. Parasail

38. Visit Cabo San Lucas

39. Save someone’s life

40. 40th Birthday at the Sheraton in Oahu

41. Snorkel in St. John (preferably with Melissa & Jon)

42. Have an anniversary party at the Gatsby fundraiser

43. Take a boat trip with my aunt and uncle

44. Pay for the kids’ college educations

45. Spend one of my birthdays at Swimmer’s Delight or Benbow Lake with the kids

46. Buy a cabin (even if it’s just a shack in the woods)

47. Attend the jazz festival in Montreal

48. Take the kids to see Old Faithful in Yellowstone

49. Have my hair a color I actually *like* again

50. Take ballroom dancing lessons with Jon

51. Drink Beer at Oktoberfest (preferably with Denise & Mike and wearing my “Everybody Loves a German Girl T-shirt)

52. Have my ashes scattered in the forest behind my childhood home and at Centerville Beach (yes, even in death I am dichotomous)