Relax! Have a Cup of Tea.

October 6, 2006

Saw this on Digg today and became quickly fascinated. So fascinated that I went and fixed myself a cup of my favorite, Constant Comment. (Maybe it’s my fav because it speaks to the never-ending chatter radiating from one of my upper orifices.)

I think I do feel better. But then again, I am the placebo queen. Tell me what this or that is supposed to do and consider it done. I’m such a sucker for the power of suggestion. Maybe if I keep drinking tea, I won’t pick up the cigarettes the way I’ve been wanting to lately.

p.s. My thanks to Di for the use of her beautiful photo.


One comment

  1. i used to drink nothing *but* Constant Comment. now i’m hooked on Tazo Zen tea (which is really lovely)

    thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog…(and for the nice words here, too. i lovelovelove seeing Bobo on your site!)

    i’m going to add you to my sidebar so i remember to get over here more often, and may i suggest you visit a couple of the links in my sidebar? there are quite a few animal-related sites i am *sure* you’d enjoy.

    you’re also welcome to visit me in Central Snark (a blog i do with a few friends). it’s a lot of fun and there are a lot of nice people that hang out there. (besides, if you show up and leave a comment, you automatically get into our blogroll!)

    this was a lovely post and a lovely thought… and thanks again for the kind words & birthday wishes! xox

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