A Mirror and a Digital Camera. Uh oh.

October 7, 2006

I’m the crazy-cat-woman-in-training that your mother/brother/officemates warned you about. (“Romy. You look so good with blonde hair and black roots, it is like not even funny!”) I’ve never seen myself look so confused!



  1. what a woman you are with that new fancy-schmancy camera! i hope you’re enjoying it (looks like you are!)

    i just wanted to stop by and say “hi” and tell you i finally saw your comments on the snark, have added you to the side-bar, and i hopehopehope you’ll keep comin’ back! xox

  2. aahh the nice new camera! what kind is it? it takes good pics… it doesn’t look like a mirror until you look closer.

  3. I call that the MySpace pose.

    You are very pretty, btw.

  4. Neva, Foo and Orahn. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for enjoying a bit of my silliness. The camera/mirror adds ten pounds, right? And Orahn, I’d give myself “very pretty” 10 years ago, now I’m perfectly happy with “you look good for your age,” so thank you for humoring an “old” woman. :)Foo, it’s a Canon PowerShot A80. Personally, I love Neva’s camera and will try to get her to ‘fess up if she stops back in again. I may save time and go ask her directly, too. What a concept!I took more this weekend and will post them shortly. New haircolor, you know?! (The things I do to amuse myself! Bah!)

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