Dooce Gets Sued

October 13, 2006

In what looks to be yet another warning for bloggers, Heather Armstrong announced today that she was not only fired for her website (hence the term, “dooced”), but also sued for it! What is wrong with the world?! (Actually, the world is fine, it’s the people in the world who are pissing me off.)

Now, since I’m not a reputable news source, I can postulate that the contract she mentions in her post today has something to do with her site, because, if it doesn’t, it’s just plain not as newsworthy.

Remember Kevin Nealon on Saturday Night Live? “And that’s news to me!”

You go, Heather. That’s all I have to say about that. I offered to help with a sit-in for her, should the need arise. I figure that 1) it’s on my new lifetime “to do” list, which is still in the draft stages and will be posted shortly, and 2) I bet she really deserves it.

But, for now, good night. And have a pleasant tomorrow.



  1. Thats just sad. Truly sad!

  2. She got sued because she tried to back out of a book deal at the last possible moment, after the book company had already spent a bunch of money in advance marketing for the books.

  3. i am behind dooce too as thanks to you i like to read dooce’s stuff – i have to watch it as a book deal going on too with an engineering book.

  4. JG,Thanks for stopping in. I had trouble finding anything online (still am) and appreciate any gossip I can find on this. I wondered if it wasn’t something like that.Orhan,I agree and stand by Heather, though if what JG says is true, it’s a rough learning experience for her. I can’t imagine that it’s easy being at the top of the food chain! (Which is why I’m happy and comfortable swimming somewhere down here in the middle!) Cheers!

  5. Angela, Dooce was sued because she failed to live up to the terms of an agreement with her publisher.

    She didn’t get sued because she blogs.

    Read the actual lawsuit document before you waste your time in a sit-in. Dooce may have been in over her head; that doesn’t make her a bad person, but it certainly doesn’t make her a victim or a cause for civil disobedience.

    There’s a link to a .pdf of the suit here:


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