Smokey’s Latest Victim

October 15, 2006

Smokey!!! (said in my best reprimanding tone)

In Smokey’s defense, these were left in the yard. He’s actually been very, very good about not chewing up things that are in the house. If it’s in the yard, though, it’s a totally different story!



  1. Such nice shoes, wasted. Aaww.

    I thought they were balarina shoes. But they look too funky.

  2. For most of the first year of Rosie’s (my GSP) life she came to work with me in the Army.

    She slept under my desk and ran around in the gun park (like a big parking lot for artillery). One day I have to go to an internal meeting and left her in my office for an hour.

    She had chewed the corner off of my wallet, one of my full dress leather gloves and the leather cover to my IPAQ.

    It serves me right for leaving her in a room with so much leather. No jokes please!

  3. Orhan,Yep. Smokey demolished them so badly that you can’t even tell what they were — and they were so cute, too! I just loved them.James,Thanks for stopping in again. Always good to have you! I can just imagine how well that went over with your superiors! And me, joke about leather? šŸ˜‰ I save that for Orhan! šŸ™‚

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