Suspected Spam

October 28, 2006

Ya THINK?!!!


   実現するには経費にかかる資金が必要だからちょっと無理 76% 
 実現する為にお金を貯めている   16% 
 もうすでに始めてる 5% 
 諦めた  3% 

Please also visit the lovely ladies of Central Snark for what I thought was the funniest post on spam to date. (Excuse me, English teachers, that’s “most funny” to you!)


  1. you are too kind… and might funny yourself, girl! thanks for the plug — and thanks even MORE so for being a part of our snarky little family! xox

  2. lol… hey you should get it translated somehow – maybe those number mean that you won some kind of lottery or something 😉

  3. Wow. I hadn’t thought of that, Foo! You’re probably right! Must. Go. Translate!Neva, it’s always so wonderful to have you in my little corner of the world. Thanks for having such an awesome snarky family to be a part of! xoxoxo

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