Didn’t *quite* hit the jackpot, but still

November 3, 2006

So Babs’ goal was to hit the “jackpot” line on her trick-or-treat bag, the top one. But it was so cold and late, and she was lugging this thing up and down the street because it already weighed close to 15 lbs. and she had to go potty, yada, yada, yada. Still, it’s quite the haul. 211 pieces. (We counted for her math homework.)

Gluttons. That’s what we are. Big, fat gluttons. If I could send this to the starving kids, I would! (Although they need real food, not all this chocolate crap!)



  1. 15 lbs… wow! i see someone’s going to have belly ache! 😉
    there was a dentist near our area that was giving cash in exchange for candy at the rate of $10 per pound. He said it was to prevent kids from eating them and spoiling their teeth.

  2. Wow. $10 a pound? Now *that’s* not only healthy for the kids but good marketing on the dentist’s part. Look at all the free press he’s received. Very cool.

  3. So much lovely candy! Gimmie!

  4. I’m happy to send it to you, Orhan (except for the chocolate — I’m keeping that all for my grubby self). I threatened Babs to take it all away if she didn’t stop misbehaving and guess what? She didn’t stop misbehaving! So rather than end up in Mommy Humiliation Hell, I had to confiscate said candy and it is now up for bids. Maybe I should put it on ebay . . . ? Cheers!

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