Would you like a larger pair of pants with that?

November 10, 2006

Ahhhh, that time of year has officially arrived. In August, when I was walking through some discount store, the Christmas tunes did little more than annoy me. And while I still haven’t packed away all the Halloween decorations (as if I had more than four or five out), I am officially in the holiday spirit having visited Starbucks this morning so that Babs could collect her 22 cents off the drive-thru driveway — yes, this is just one example of how I am, in sooooo many ways a less than perfect parent. My kid wants to scrape change off of asphalt and not only do I let her, but I stay in the car while she does it!

The super friendly Starbucks lady, who by now has our schtick down, didn’t help matters this morning, though, after Babs climbed back in the car elated with her 22 cent haul. “Ooooooh, honey,” she said. “There’s a lot more underneath mommy’s car.” Thanks, lady. I don’t think Starbucks will hire people unless they’re the manic half of manic-depressive.

Fortunately, Babs decided to use her listen-to-mom-once-every-decade card and stayed in the car when I asked her to. Around the car with all those people watching (and making obvious judgments about my parenting skills) is one thing. Letting her crawl under the car smack dab in the middle of drive-thru is another. A girl has to draw the line somewhere.

Speaking of line drawing, the welcome news that eggnog lattes were back has one of my co-conspirators and I wondering if we should go and buy larger jeans now, or wait until we’ve actually packed on the additional pounds that normally come with eggnog lattes. Even my good genetic luck hasn’t been able to spare me the wrath of the Eggnog Gods when it comes to extra pounds at Christmas.

So, let the holiday gluttony begin, and keep the eggnog lattes comin‘, would ya? And honey, if I hear you mention a phrase that has the words “cushion” and “pushin‘” in it, prepare to get socked. Oh, and p.s. for Christmas, I want jeans one size up from the ones I have now. xoxoxo



  1. oh you mean there is something wrong with letting kids pick up stuff off asphalt now?! What is this world coming to?

  2. mmm, eggnog lattes, yum. let the debauchery begin.

  3. Starlet — I know. I know. I worry mostly because other people don’t seem to let their kids out of their cars in drive-thru the way I do. I’m truly terrified that I’m going to run over her foot with the car one of these days. Arg. Thanks for stopping in to visit!And Nika, yes, eggnog lattes are my dirty little secret during the holidays. I’m definitely an addict. Do you think they have twelve-step meetings for Starbuck’s addicts?

  4. Hey,
    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  5. Thanks, Raymon. Best wishes to you, too!

  6. […] Would you like a larger pair of pants with that? There goes my ski pass! […]

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