Damm Those ’80s Marketers

November 14, 2006

Apparently the song began innocently enough. A more-than-decent attempt to sell perfume that no longer exists and probably smelled like my dog’s bully stick. However (and this is a rather large however), poofy-haired models strutting their stuff and pretending that they actually cook is bullcrap.

My latest epiphany revolves around this stupid, incredibly addictive and very popular song. As a recovering perfectionist, as much as it pains me to admit this, I just need to set the record straight so that everyone in the Blogosphere does not get the idea that I am as capable as my husband thinks I am.

For the record, I can A) bring home the bacon; B) fry it up in the pan OR C) remind Jon why he’s happy to be one of the males of our species. I can NOT however, do all three things in one day, and usually not even two very well, and certainly not in a cocktail dress (unless it’s the first or the third things) even WITH incredible amounts of caffeine. Getting old is not for sissies. I’ll tell you that for nothing.



  1. don’t remember that ad nor the perfume. probably will with women though as men don’t pay attention to things like that 😉 However, that jingle is one that sticks in your head — i’ll probably be singing it unconsciously in the shower tomorrow or something. here is an unproven fact but one of my Foo Theories… men are much less capable of multitasking than females, so if there ever was a chance of getting 2-3 or more things done – I’ll have to give it to the woman to accomplish it.

  2. old is not for sissies – definitely true! i feel older in my 30s now than I have ever been. Geez, I can’t even do some hard work and not have tremendous back pains.

  3. If the perfume smelled like bacon, I would totally buy it. Then my woman wouldn’t have to bring home and/or fry up the bacon, because I would be enjoying the enchanting scent of bacon *while* being reminded that I am a man. Win-win-win, no?

    BTW, I’m a bit late on this, but I’m adding you to my blogroll today.

  4. Foo — come on over and sit by me. Misery loves company. We can complain about our aches and pains together while the youngsters are off doing god-only-knows-what. :o)Diesel — my husband says nearly the exact same thing (i.e. if women buy perfume to attract men/keep them happy, why does it always smell like that flower crap?!).I have a meat post I’ve been keeping in my back pocket for just such an occassion. It’s a little smelly now, but hopefully it will still be funny.And THANK YOU for the blogroll. I have you on my to-do list as well because, quite frankly, you deserve all the pub you can get! Win-win-win. I like it!

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