A Quick Answer to an Age-old Question

November 16, 2006

Why can’t we all just get along?

Why, you ask?

Because you’re psychotic. Stark, raving mad psychotic.

Oh, wait. That’s me. Whoops. My bad.

Need some cheap advice on getting along with the fam this holiday season? MSN has a couple of ideas in their “Holiday In-law Handling Tips.” My favorite is . . . . get out. Leave. Scram. Ixnay on the amilyfay. Starbucks here I come! (It’s a good thing my family doesn’t read this blog. You don’t read it, do you, mom? If you do, this post has nothing to do with you. You’re an angel. Truly.)



  1. Angela–

    I linked to your blog from your comment on John Scalzi’s blog about waking up tired every day. If your doctor is not listening to you (is not seeing this as a significant symptom) it might be time for another doctor. Do a google search (or some other research) on sleep apnea (apnoea in the UK), a disorder in which your throat closes down while you sleep and you never really get adequate deep sleep. It’s diagnosed by something called a sleep study. My husband has it, and we now know a number of people who have it… It’s worth looking into if you are always tired.

  2. Ang = Stark, Raving mad psychotic?

    hmmmm… really can’t see that.

  3. lol, actually i won’t mind working in starbucks too… to be able to whip up a latte or a mocha in like 2 minutes or less — that will be a useful skill to have 🙂

    on second thoughts, if i worked there, i’ll be drugged on on even more caffeine than I am on now — not a good thing! oh and i’ll probably be eating all their coffee cakes and banana cakes … love them!

    i am always tired too– you are not alone but i have insomnia. Figure that one out … always tired but can’t sleep. please tell me the logic in that one!

  4. Foo – nah. It’s a joke. I like to joke that way. Like the time I told my family I was quitting big director job at XYZ university because I wanted to work at Starbucks. It was a joke! Jon’s family flipped out. Starbucks is cool. What’s the issue?!I actually know that I’m not stark raving mad because I dropped several grand for a lovely piece of paper that says I’m not. Oh well. That and 4 bucks will buy me an eggnog latte at Starbucks!And Ms. Anonymous, thank you for the information. I’m EXHAUSTED! My dad actually has sleep apnea, so I wonder if it’s hereditary. I figured I didn’t have it because I don’t make the horrible noises he makes when he jolts himself awake at night because he can’t breathe. Scary stuff, that.

  5. Ah, yes. Sleepy. Always sleepy. Which for some reason is completely incomprehensible to anyone but the people I live with.”Do you always have this much energy?” I had someone ask me the other night. I think that was a polite way of saying I was annoying and resembling someone high on crack.Insomnia would be nerve-wracking. At least I don’t *know* that I’m not sleeping. Pills. Little blue pills. :o)

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