Dancing Queen

November 27, 2006

Presenting, the amazing, the talented, the too-cute-for-words . . . Abigail! (My darling and incredibly smart niece. Did I mention how talented she is? AND, she likes ABBA. What’s not to love?!)

Eat your heart out, Leta!


  1. adorable! haha ABBA… keep this one and play it at her 21st birthday.

  2. OMIGOD. soooo adorable! you’re right, Abigail can definitely give Leta a run for her money! (oh, and don’t tell anyone, but i like ABBA, too.) xox

  3. Foo – marvellous idea! Thank you!

    Neva – it was the arm pump and wave at the end that really got me. She may be a precocious pain, but she is truly adorable and a precious, precious child. Glad I don’t have to live with her, but that’s something we’ll just keep to ourselves, now, won’t we? Oh and please do tell me that you only have one sister. :o) xoxoxo ABBA forever! Mama Mia!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! She is ADORABLE!!! I have a video of my Godson dancing to his Winnie the Pooh video and it is absolutely hilarious. Kids that dance? Too cute.

  5. Your godson is adorable, so I’m sure that the video is darling, as well. Kids just do the BEST things (of course, they also probably do some of the worst things, too, but it’s their cuteness that saves them every time. I’m convinced.) Love to you, G and Meatball. (I LOVE MEATBALL!)

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