November 27, 2006

Is there no justice in the world?! The Barbies SOOOOOO did not deserve to stay in the race. That they are still in it is just testimony to a group of TV executives who wanted to keep them in because they make for good TV (kind of like That Horrible Girl on this season’s Bachelor).

Will I still tune in next week, though? You bet your sweet aunt fanny I will!

And p.s. I’ve yet to talk with a woman who thinks this season’s bachelor is even remotely sexy, but we’re still tuning in anyway. What is with that?!

And p.p.s. I can just imagine the ‘Bama girls at home watching tonight’s episode with the one who didn’t compare herself to a roach punching in the arm the one who did as it flew out of her mouth, not once, but twice! Sweetheart, think phoenix. Not roaches. Too much information, that.

And what about the Barbies and their “We’re not evil blondes, just competitive blondes”? I told my daughter that if she grew up and acted like that I would disown her (which is quickly becoming my favorite threat).

They haven’t done one flippin’ single solitary nice thing for ANYONE since they first took off from Seattle. (Okay, redundant on the “single solitary,” I know, back off — I just can’t express myself vehemently enough about this.)

My favorite quote around the office has been taken from them, though, and gives everyone a good laugh when I’m feeling, shall we say, a little dramatic. When Dustin and Kandice were asked at the beginning of the race if they were friends, one Barbie sweetly put her hand to her boobs and said, in her super sugary makes-me-want-to-hurl Miss America sing-songy way, “Well, I’m Miss California and this, this is Miss New York.”

Stupid, we didn’t ask if you were beauty queens. We asked if you were friends! F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

I have also secretly relished the “London? What country is that in?” question that one of them asked earlier in the season when they were trying to make flight arrangements. See Mr. Beelzebub, there ARE women more stupid than I out there procreating. Muwahaha! And one of them is most likely going to be in charge of YOUR precious social security check.

And p.p.p.s. Do I hate them because they’re beautiful? Probably. Yes, probably, I do. That and mean. Very mean.



  1. don’t watch amazing race but yes they are pretty that’s why they are in. dumb blonds that’s for sure – i thought you had to be half way smart to at least be Miss New York or Miss California. I guess they have changed the rules on that one huh! Kelly Lebrock — like her… so old school!

  2. BTW, your about me picture reminds me of some actress in a movie — can’t place who it is but it’ll come to me sooner or later.

  3. It must be the boa. :o) I have to change it up every once in a while. I get so bored with myself. Let me know when you think of it. The only comparison I’ve ever had that I wasn’t crazy about was Joan Cusack. PLEEEEEEEEEASE don’t say I look like Joan Cusack. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

  4. Or Ethel Merman.

  5. beauty queens coming from the latin americas are the best ones “

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