Today’s Reminder

November 28, 2006


  1. beautiful picture, excellent quote. so the seeds count, but the fertilizer doesn’t? good to know. xox

  2. Neva – That silly Robert Louis Stevenson. He should have stuck to writing pirate books if he was going to overlook the fact that it’s not just the SEEDS that are important. Silly writer. xoxoxo

    (And no pervy comments from the peanut gallery about seed planting . . . Okay, maybe just a few, and they’d better be really pervy.)

  3. Lovely quote, everything starts from the seeds.

  4. Reaching for the Kleenex …


  5. David – thank you for stopping by. Without the seeds, we’d be hosed. Can’t do much without the seeds! I’ve been trying to learn this lesson about taking the expectations off of things, a lesson that has been very, very difficult for me to learn. I think Neva’s on to something as well with the fertilizer idea. I’ve heard that the grass is greener on the other side because that’s where the shit is. So, I’m at a crossroads: get stuck in shit or be happy not being as green as I would like to be.

    Dan – when you free up some room on your credit card, I need more Kleenex at my house, too. :o) Cheers!

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