Baby Genius!

December 11, 2006

It may be because this is my niece, but I think that she is one of the best things since baklava.

She and Babs are two peas in a pod and I predict that they will one day grow into CEOs based on the way they enjoy bossing other people around. Hopefully they will be nowhere near Prada.


  1. “best thing since baklava” – totally LOL.

  2. What a cutie, reminds me of my daughter when she was that little- always busy, Now she’s turning 13 and is a regents honor student, lowest grade 93. Smarty pants.

  3. She is a cutie!

  4. Mark – Glad to know it. My work here is done.

    Polyman – “Busy” is definitely the word for both this one and my own, whom I affectionately label as “too smart for my own good.”

    Diesel – Thank you! I’m thankful that she’s my niece and not my daughter, though she actually will fall asleep and stay asleep unlike another certain little one I have known. Damn that attachment parenting theory!

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