All I wanted for Christmas was more cake!

December 30, 2006

Proof that asking for what you want, even if it’s only by sticking your tongue out and wiggling it around a lot, very often works. (My apologies in advance for the darkness of the film.) Enjoy!

p.s. If you hate canned laughter, you might want to skip this one. There’s this annoyingly shrill woman whose laughter makes me think of nails on a chalkboard. Oh, wait. That’s me.


  1. What a little Sweetheart.

    When can I see video of that laughing lady? 🙂

  2. She truly is adorable. I don’t think the camera captured her well enough, but it’s all I’ve got. The laughing lady will be shown if there’s ever a good video of her. Probably never. ;o)

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