Suit over blog to impact future blogging?

December 30, 2006

Under the category of Too Good Not to Post, I present today’s MSN article “Steamy D.C. Sex Blog Scandal Heads to Court.” Truth really is more juicy than fiction.



  1. Uh, Hi! I entered some information and the next screen had a space for my comment. Good to “see” you here; thanks for the advice about signing up.

  2. Hazy!!!!!

    Wonderful so “see” you here, as well! You know that you are always, always, always welcome, even though it’s a little more dull than the fun we had a few years back. How are the kitties? Lots of hugs and love to you, ~ Ang

    p.s. Happy New Year!

    p.p.s. You’re someone from real life who I’m actually glad found me here. :o) (Not that I haven’t been trying to get you here for months or anything.)

  3. Kitties seem bent on paying the vet’s Christmas bills! Nothing awful, but all three have needed care within the last few weeks. Hey, maybe we should look into pet insurance again! 🙂

    Right now Formerly-Feral Kitty needs his evening meal — not to mention my husband wanting his! — but thanks for letting me know that this worked.

    Love, and Happy New Year!


  4. Lord, I hope no one decides to sue me! Of course, my blog isn’t that interesting because I lead a much duller life

  5. Junebug ~ thanks for stopping by! It would suck to be sued, wouldn’t it? I found this story to be another good reminder to keep my mouth shut about some stuff. Don’t go lookin’ for trouble, my mother always said. (Okay, she didn’t actually say that. I made that up.) Happy New Year! xoxoxo

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