Happy New Year!

January 2, 2007

I am such a HUGE fan of sitting around in my pajamas at 2 o’clock in the afternoon — I can barely even begin to describe the bliss! Almost like baklava, but not quite.

In fact, the reason I have not pursued the work-from-home option with more vigor is that I know that I would take caving to a whole new level and possibly never leave my jammies. For me, this is just taking it a little too far.

But days like today when I can just relax, put the coffee on at noon and hang out with my pack are a welcome respite from the daily grind.

Last night, however, we enjoyed a more festive mood with good food, good drink, good company and wonderful music, which I will hopefully be posting in a bit. (Being the non-technical type of person that I am, these things challenge me more than they should.)

For your pictorial viewing pleasure until then:

The dog they call “Sausage.” He and his buddy, Daisy, had a blast cleaning up after the party-goers. His real name is Rocket.

Not to toot our own horn or anything (who us?) but the boy rocks. I’ll get something up on youtube finally. Our own agents, we are not. p.s. I love this face he makes in the middle of the solo. I always wait for it. It’s cool. Really.

What the kids did. (If it’s not readily apparent, the kids chased each other up and down the stairs all night with nerf rockets. Babs has never slept so well!)

What I did most of the night (or “The photographer”)

New Year’s Love (Or “The photographed”)

If you’ve made it this far, here’s wishing you a fantabulous 2007! May your days this year be merry and bright, and may your days of sadness be few.



  1. Ang, cool photos! Your hubby looks like he’s having an orga … oops … family blog, family blog.

    And what’s with you being so unnaturally close to those peanuts? Have you spoken to someone about this peanut obsession?

    Dogs cleaning up the mess. I never thought of that before. It’s genius, actually!

    Happy New Year to you and your family. Hugs and kisses.

  2. Dan!

    You have just totally enlightened me as to why I love this part of the solo. I can’t believe that I didn’t realize that earlier. Silly me! Happy New Year to you, too!!

    p.s. the peanut thing is kind of creepy, isn’t it? I hadn’t noticed *that* either. Look at me all naive and such. xoxoxo

  3. a fellow jammie appreciater! oooh, i’m loving this! :0)

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