Hence, a new hair color

January 11, 2007

File this one under Things My Husband Should Keep to Himself.

“Does she like her hair that color?” said my mother-in-law to her son.

No, actually, no I don’t, but it’s one of those things wives do when their husband’s say, “Ooooooh, I like that.”




  1. You know what, husbands are cute, charming, useful to have around, but utterly devoid of tact. It’s amazing that even noticed the hair colour. Mine wouldn’t!

  2. PS. I’m blogrolling you. You are too good not to be. Hope it’s OK?

  3. So what color is it? Post pics. Sorry, Troy asked me to say that.

  4. Iz ~ you are too kind. Thank you. My hub is a bit different in that he does notice the hair color. I called him Just Gay Enough recently to one of my friends, which I totally think is a compliment. Funny but he didn’t think so. Cheers to you! I’m behind on my blogrolling but will add you soon. Glad to have you, as always!

    Diesel ~ that Troy guy creeps me out, but since YOU asked, I’ll oblige. See next post. And tell Troy that if he cared as much about a girl’s heart as he did her boobs that he’d get laid more often. :o)

  5. Your husband’s comment wasn’t, perhaps, in response to you asking, “How do you like my hair this color?”, was it? Just a thought.

  6. Georganna ~ thanks so much for stopping by. I loved your description of ink flowing through your veins. Great description!

    To answer your question, I truthfully don’t remember. I think it was unsolicited, which is why I took it more to heart. The great thing was that once I went and changed the color, I got the exact same response. Personally, I think he just likes change. Happy Friday!

  7. Does he color your hair for you? My husband has to notice the color of my hair, because he is the one that colors it for me.

  8. Hi Rose! He doesn’t actually color it . . . yet. You’ve got my wheels turning. Happy Monday!

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