Mixing it up

January 13, 2007

Last night, during what I can only describe as the dearthiest dearth of good television I perhaps have ever seen, Jon and I stumbled across a video clip of Posh Spice posing for pictures in the airport with her husband.

“Like we really give a crap about Posh Spice,” Jon said. (Maybe I said it, though. Memory. It’s a crazy thing.)

“I know, huh?” I replied in typical fashion. “I was only minutely interested because I thought for a second that it was Angelina Jolie.”



So that led to a discussion about what our name would be if this small-town community actress and this not-so-small-town guitar player were unlucky enough to be branded by the general populous.


“No, Jongela.”

“Eeew. Sounds like a cross between gondola and gonorrhea. Nasty.”

“I like it.”

Thank God we’re not famous.


  1. In venice, crossing gondolas and gonorrhea is no laughing matter … in fact, they call this “una notte tipica sulla città” (a typical night on the town). 😉

    Dearthiest dearth of good TV. Haha … I loved that sentence.

  2. We’d be Robia or Jubert. Count your blessings.

    Yes, that’s Rob and Julia, just like in the Wedding Singer.

  3. Marjarella.

    And, when I say it out loud, I throw up a little bit inside my mouth.

  4. Anita ~ that’s hilarious! I only dream of being as funny as you are. I stalk you online and say things like, “That Anita is damn funny.” Glad to have brought you a chuckle!

    Diesel ~ Awwwww, like the Wedding Singer. That’s so sweet. Jubert is my fav. Probably because I married one.

    Al ~ are you always this funny?

  5. That sure does sound nasty.

  6. Rose ~ glad you agree. It makes me feel icky inside. :o)

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