The Tao of Yoda

January 19, 2007



  1. Yoda got reeeeeeeeeal annoying in the last/first three movies. That quotation is the one I dislike the most. What a little green tool.


  2. I don’t care what anyone says … Lao-Tzu could kick Yoda’s ass with both hands tied behind his back.

  3. Cool Yoda!

  4. Wise he was, but irritating as well. Still, I agree with the sentiment. Very zen.

  5. so true! i love the words… there is no such thing as try. yoda cracks me up but you can’t doubt his wise words.

  6. dan: Lao-Tzu rocks and yes he can kick Yda’s ass with both hands tied behind his back and blindfolded. lol

  7. Immanuel Kant could kick both of their asses, but he wouldn’t, out of principle.

  8. Lonie ~ I had a definite love/hate with Yoda in the most recent movies, but I did love him when he was coaching Luke on lifting his ship out of the swamp. Something very homey about that.

    Dan ~ If you say it, I believe it! ;o)

    Sean ~ Thanks so much for stopping by. Glad you like him. I think he’s cute.

    CSL ~ This sentence helps me when I feel like whimping out. Glad you like it.

    Foo! I’m going to have to check out this Lao-Tzu guy. Hopefully he has a good heart, too?

    Diesel ~ Ah, Kant. Wish I could remember what I am supposed to remember about him. I’ll take your word for it! Cheers!

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