Hooters Fun

February 6, 2007

So I normally don’t go here, but being sick has led me to scrape the bottom of the barrel for Blog Fodder. Jon and I have both been down for the count with the Winter Crud (boo hoo), though he has had it much worse than I. (Poor Cutie.)

Until we have recuperated, I give you this, courtesy of my Very Cool Boss. Everyone should be lucky enough to work for a guy like him. Enjoy!

If you’re a Hooter Girls fan, you should really enjoy this,,,,,,,:)

Slide cursor up and down page to raise and lower ‘T’shirt.


p.s. I’m also hoping for a ton of hits, a la Diesel with this title. Hits, hits, hits. Aren’t they fun?

p.p.s. That reminds me of the time I worked for the Soft Hits radio station and was specifically told to watch my annunciation with the phrase “soft hits” because it could easily turn into something other than popular adult contemporary songs. Hehehehe. Thinking about it makes me laugh. Don’t try it at home with the kids. Or, cover their ears — another of my favorite parenting techniques.


  1. Hahahahaha! That’s funny. Sadly, that looks like an accurate representation of what’s under my shirt ;P

  2. Thats too funny. Now we know what most of those “hooters” will look like when those gals get older, lmao.

  3. Awesome link.

    LOL @ ‘soft-its’

  4. This reminds me of a news story I saw about some girls who asked their prinicpal to ban Hooters T-shirts (there was already a ban on shirts with references to drugs, gangs, that sort of thing)and he refused. So the girls had shirts made up that had a graphic of a rooster head with one big orange O for the eye which said, “COCKS – nothing to crow about.” They got media attention, and the Hooters shirts were banned. Yea for those girls!

  5. I’m just glad Bill Clinton wasn’t lurking in there.

    Hope you feel better soon. I miss you stopping by. 😦

  6. Lonie ~ hard to believe, that. Glad you liked the link. I did one of those laugh out really loud things at work. They all think I’m crazy anyway, so it was okay . . . I think.

    Dari ~ the benefit to having no boobs is that I don’t lie awake at night worrying about “the sag.” Take that one off my list!! If I had known how handy it would be 25 years ago, I would have stopped worrying so much that they weren’t growing. :o)

    Orhan ~ I’m hoping you can get some mileage out of this one. The “soft hits” thing really was funny. I could hardly say it without laughing. (Ahhhh, so THAT’S why that DJ has this funny lilt in her voice when she says the call letters. It was fun while it lasted.) Cheers!

    Diesel ~ awwww. You know how to warm a girl’s heart. Thanks for noticing that I’ve been sadly absent. I’m on the mend, so if I can just get work to slow down, I’ll come visiting soon. Are you up for a Pultizer yet?

    CSL ~ I love that! Reminds me of the time a bunch of guys in my high school wore mini skirts to school. Shorts weren’t allowed, but dang it, it was 1987 and we girls were showing our legs. Once the guys started wearing skirts that were as short as ours, shorts were quickly allowed. I’d forgotten about that. So glad you shared your story!!

  7. DUde that is too gross!

  8. Iz ~ I was pretty sicked out, too, but the fact that it was my younger boss showing me made me laugh so hard I woke everyone up at work. Hehehehe. Hope you have a great weekend!

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