Vegas, Baby!!

February 10, 2007

There are few things that get me as excited as the thought of being “on.” Picture me as a five-year-old, complete in a head-to-toe chicken outfit, belting out some song about Noah’s Ark in the church play and you’ll get a good idea of my base personality type.

I am an extrovert. Or at least I was an extrovert. I’m not entirely sure, now, but I do know that when My Favorite Person At Work invited me to attend the veterinary conference in Vegas coming up so that I could “help at the booth,” I was excited and thrilled in ways I haven’t been recently. Too much winter is not good for this extrovert’s soul.

So, cough medicine in hand, I’m trying my best to get ready for a fun-filled week in Vegas. I have decided that maybe, just maybe, I might actually even shave my legs! Whoo hoo!

Jon is moping (which thrills me deeply), and I’m getting gussied up so that I can help my employers rather than embarrass them. “That will be just one glass of wine for me, thank you very little.” And none of this “Who’s that nasty girl with the dark roots?” stuff. Blonde and tan all the way, baby.

The fact that I could just kiss My Favorite Person At Work for inviting me helps me to realize that maybe I should get out a little more often. Netflix and frozen pizza only work for so long, you know?

Speaking of getting out more often, I find myself thinking with alarming regularity about Diesel’s “Help Diesel Read A Book” contest that inspired so many helpful and witty responses, and it makes me want to have my own version of the contest — only mine would have to be:


Why be so grandiose with your requests and not just ask for book recommendations, you ask?

Well, first of all because 1) what mother of young children has time to read a book? (HA! The very thought of it leaves me in stitches) and B) in all honesty, I don’t need ONE MORE THING to feel guilty about (e.g. not reading books that are recommended to me- I have a whole stack of those on my dresser right now already).

For instance, I just learned that I’m supposed to be BRUSHING my dog’s teeth AT LEAST three times a week and it’s about enough to shove me right over the edge, I’m tellin’ ya. “One of these days, Alice. One of these days . . .

The Christmas tree is still up in the living room, for God’s sake. It’s getting a little ridiculous in my neck of the woods.

My “Get a Life” contest seems to be a bit more daunting than Diesel’s at first glance, though, and I’m terrified of running people off with the request. I mean, really. It’s a tall order. Here’s a woman who should have it together, and she doesn’t. What the hell are you supposed to do with THAT?

HOWEVER, seeing as how I’ve made it to 36 and still don’t particularly have the life I thought I was pursing the last 20 years or so, it’s most likely time to A) give up or 2) enlist the help of people who are better at this shizzle than I am.

So, although I can not even begin to match Diesel’s wit and ability with a computer to put together a fantabulous contest, any advice on life-getting would be greatly appreciated. (Truthfully, I’m starting to think that the best way through, though, is the whole give-up thing, otherwise known as acceptance and appreciation of what is, so please don’t be offended if I don’t start skydiving at your suggestion.)

To help you in your task, I have already accomplished every major life goal I had, with the exception of obtaining graduate degrees (which no longer particularly interest me).

I’m still broke, but never wanted to be wealthy, materially speaking, so that was never on the list to begin with. I’m an English major for God’s sake. If we’re not broke, we’re doing it wrong!

I realize at this point that I am digressing terribly from the original topic at hand (VEGAS!), but somehow even the glitz doesn’t impress the way it used to. I’ll be glad for the few days when I won’t have to do dishes (ha – like I do them anyway before Saturday comes?!) and room service will be not only an option but a necessity, dammit.

But I will miss my kids and Jon, Smokey and little Buddy (the mouse who now lives in my house because the snake wouldn’t eat him and now I can’t bear to see him go to his little constrictive death). Okay, so I won’t miss Buddy. I made that part up. But I will miss Jon and the kids and feel very sorry for myself that they’re not there with me watching the big ship sink into the water at Treasure Island.

On a completely different topic altogether, stay tuned for news about a possible move for yours truly. The management has once again “respectfully” asked that I take the personal shit out of this blog, so I have come up with Plan B. Fortunately, with the Internet, Plan B isn’t that hard. (Not that Plan B, folks. That’s a whole ‘nuther topic.)

In the meantime, keep the advice on how to get a life coming. It seems most of the time that I have one, but that I’m just not quite sure how to use it.

Happy Friday, all! I hope that this day brings everything you need to be truly happy. As my buddy Bernie says, “Every day is my best day; this is my life. I’m not going to have this moment again.” May the force be with you. (Yoda and I put in that last part.)


~ Angela

p.s. The gals at Starbucks are actually encouraging Babs to get out of the car now and pick up change. Isn’t that a stitch? Yesterday’s haul? 11 cents. University of her choice, here we come!



  1. So you’ve got no time to read a book, but you have time to take on whatever other crazy suggestions we come up with?

    It seems like you’re pretty happy with your lot, so I’m wondering what it is exactly that you feel you’re missing. If you feel like you don’t have a life, you must have some idea of what a life is, or you wouldn’t know you didn’t have one. Right? So what do people who have a life have that you don’t?

    Thanks for stopping by, btw. It’s not the same without you. Also, thanks for reminding me that I’m woefully remiss in updating my reading log….

  2. To me, having a life would be actually writing the book(s) I’ve got in my hard drive and head, rather than wasting the time blogging every day…

  3. Diesel ~ the inspiration came from a poster who told me to “get a life.” At least I *think* that’s what he/she said. Maybe it was grow up. Either way, I wasn’t quite aware that I didn’t have the first and hadn’t done the latter. It was a revelation! :o)

    “Am I missing something?” I wondered. The combination of that comment and your contest just seems to stick in my head. I think I don’t want to miss anything and this is my way of making sure that I’ve turned every rock over, so to speak. Ask and ye shall receive, yes?

    Lonie ~ what stops you from writing the book? ;o) xoxoxo

  4. Sometimes we don’t see the forest, only the trees. You appear from the stories you write to have everything– What do you think life still owes you?
    Only you can find your own happiness, contentment, self-confidence, and self respect. the first rule of accountability is: “It’s never about the other person” The second is: “How did I create this”
    If you don’t like your life, don’t sit around moping about it, take accountability and do something about it.
    And if you can’t see what a great life lies in front of you right now, then maybe the reader who told you to “get a life” should have advised you to start appreciating it as well. It doesn’t get much better than it is right now. If you’re not careful-The good stuff might just pass you by while you’re having your pitty party.
    Not sure if this is what you were looking for or not, but I agree with Diesel. I hope this helps! Good luck in you journey!

  5. I’m going to have to think about this one for a bit, and come back.

  6. Ang, the reason I haven’t suggested any books for Diesel is because I’ve never read a book … well, not unless you count those kind, but when the internet made it free to get all those types of pictures for free, I stopped reading those as well.

    For a similar reason, I can’t help you get a life because I haven’t got a life of my own.

    So maybe we should just get together and have a few beers. I promise not to bring any of my books.

  7. Why does it always come down to reading a book?

    I hope you have a blast in Vegas.

    If you don’t have a life, you will find one there.

  8. Angela – laziness and pathological procrastination combined with nagging self doubt 🙂

    I thought what you could do: all those little things we never seem to get around to doing in life. I want to fly a kite, ‘do’ all the tourist stuff where I live, etc.

  9. Hi Jackie ~ thanks for weighing in on this. I am actually terribly grateful for all the good things life has brought my way and have never believed that life owed me anything, let alone good things. I get frustrated sometimes with people in my life I’d rather ignore and not deal with, but even with them I’m finding that their very presence helps me grow. I’m not sure why the “get a life” phrase kept coming up in my head and I think this is just a way of exploring why I would feel that way. I’ve always been pretty goal driven and it’s strange not to have any goals now. The more I think about it, though, the less I think that there’s something wrong with that, even if the “experts” seem to disagree. I think that I was mostly interested in finding out what everyone’s version of “having a life” meant. It doesn’t seem like it can mean the same thing to everyone. Curosity gets to me once again. Thanks, Jackie.

  10. Dan & Lonie, I think you’re on to something. What if we combined the beer WITH the kites? Ahhhh. Just thinking about it makes me all calm inside.

    LOL @ Lonie, by the way.

    And Ryan, I agree. I’ve hid behind the book thing for too long but may truly have stumbled across one that’s finally and actually making a difference. The thing that cracks me up is that it wasn’t until very recently that any of us even HAD books to read. How in the world did they make it through the Dark Ages? Yikes. I shudder just to think about it.

    CSL ~ Thanks for thinking about it. I’m not sure why it’s intriguing me so much right now, just that it is. Thanks for being willing to give your two cents.

  11. Lonie ~ I have to go back and modify what I said because I misunderstood, unfortunately. (Early Alzheimer’s I’m afraid.) Self-doubt? Why self-doubt? Take that one out of your way and the sky’s the limit (because I bet that the first two are connected to the third). If folks hate it they hate it. Is the goal to have EVERYONE and their brother love it, or is the goal to get it down on paper/published? Jon has this theory that people do what they want (which is not necessarily what they *say* they want). Could it be that maybe you just don’t really want to write it and that it’s just your mind/ego telling you that you do? If not, tell your self-doubt to go to hell. xoxoxoxo

  12. I keep turning this one around in my head. I don’t think the wish for more in life (not more stuff, just more) is about self-pity. There’s something there about an awareness of the fleeting nature of life and wanting to live fully. What’s wrong with that? So, while I’m not in a position right now (ha!)to give specific suggestions, I like the search of it. Maybe just the awareness of the wish for more fullness is what you need at this point, to push you along the path. Or maybe I’m really talking to myself.

  13. CSL ~ I touched on this above but wanted to respond here, as well, and say thank you. In a nutshell, yep. What you said. I want to live more fully and be more present in the moment. And while I have a basic understanding of how to get there, I haven’t quite figured out how to fully sink my teeth into it and apply the head knowledge to make it real. Thanks again for weighing in on this.

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