February 12, 2007

Do you remember when you were in the fifth grade and you were trying to be really cool by not pronouncing words properly? Okay. No? Just me? Why am I not surprised?

At any rate, I want to welcome you all to my lovely new, employer-related-URL-free blog. Kind of like in college when they asked you to move the party down the hall because you were too damn loud and someone was studying for biochemistry. Okay, not you either? Damn. O for 2. Sorry folks.

In order to make the transition a bit smoother, I will now begin blathering on about my amazingly talented sometimes pain-in-the-ass husband (just to make you feel at home). Oh, wait. You thought I thought he was perfect? I’m not that delusional, folks. Just mildly delusional. Not enough to be medicated for it anyway, at least not this month. Check back in April.

So, to all those of you who took the time to click (and to anyone who may accidentally stumble across me using the search term “mother and son sex” — it happened, I swear on my life), I present Domingo and Jon, a partnership almost as amazing as my own. For more of Domingo’s music (of which Jon is present on about half — mostly the electric guitar parts) click here. And sorry, ladies, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but he’s taken.

Happy Monday!!


  1. Nice new site, Angela.

    P.S. Thanks for your kind words, will get something finished one day!

  2. OH MY GOD I HAVE A COMMENT! Lonie, I am so glad you found me. Thanks so much for stopping in and taking time for this little crew. I loved that you said that you would write a book and hope that you are able to plug it out. I can only imagine how intimidating it must be. I figure that if I ever do it, it’s going to have to be in Charles Grodin sytle, lots of very, very short chapters. (They’re seriously only like a page and a half.) Go, Lonie, Go!!

  3. Ok, so I posted a comment, but I don’t see it. Maybe it’s stuck in your spam filter or something?

  4. Maybe it thought I was trying to spam you with the link. Here it is again, just in case:


  5. I’m starting to not like this new blog so much.

  6. On the positive side, look at how many comments you’re getting!

  7. Hey! You look just like this Ang I know on this other blog. Wait a second … Diesel? No! This can’t be happening.

    What’s IN this beer?

  8. Can’t say I ever intentionally mispronounced words in 5th grade, but I’ve definitely been at dorm parties that were sent off to another room. At Georgia we were allowed to drink (even underage) in our rooms and the TV room, but not in the actual hallway. That was what passed for protecting us, I guess.

    Anyway, congrats on the new blog, and I’ve already changed it in my sidebar.

  9. Diesel, I’m definitely finding that there are things about Blogger that I already miss. :o( Being the comment whore that I am, though, I must say that that part of it is pretty cool. Jon was looking up murders in Cali. last night (that’s what we do for fun at our house) and your little town came up. I sent a good thought your way. :o)

    Dan! The beer’s good. Have some more!

    CSL ~ I’m so glad you understand. And thanks for the change. I hate being trouble. Really. No matter what Jon says. ;o) xoxoxxo

  10. Diesel, wow. I’m so glad I figured out how to unspam you! Thank you for taking the time to find that. I hope you won’t mind if I post it. Powerful stuff that.
    Cheers to you, and thank you for your friendship.

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