This is why I don’t screw around with HTML

February 13, 2007

Anyone know how to make the monstrosity on the right smaller? Sheesh. My English degree isn’t worth sh**.

I have this exact same problem with the four years of Spanish that I took. I start speaking it and folks think that means I can underSTAND it. Bad assumption. I know just enough computer-speak and Spanish to be dangerous. What this does do for me is affirm that yes, I am better looking with a tan and darker hair. (Such a leo, I know, check it for yourself and tell me I’m wrong. I love being wrong.)


  1. ooooh, getting better. At least it’s down now from a 10 x 13 to something a bit more manageable. Aren’t y’all glad I’m not your computer technician? ;o)

  2. Two ways you can handle this.

    (1) Shrink a copy of the actual image and then load it to flicker and use that one
    (2) In this HTML

    add a “width=100” or some other pixel width so that the line becomes

  3. Drat! WordPress just deleted the HTML that I put in the comment. I’ll e-mail you! 🙂

  4. Dan, you are such a dear. Thank you for taking time to help me with this. I’m really dangerous with a computer. And on your mom’s birthday, too. You’re too sweet. Thank you.

  5. Dan, oh that everything could be that simple. You rock!! Thank you for your help and time. You’re my Hero of the Day.

  6. Sorry, I probably could have helped. Guess I need to stop by more often. I love the photos, btw.

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