Lightening it up

February 16, 2007



  1. I like it. DO you think looking busy will make a difference? (Hey, just as I was writing this comment, a coment from you popped up on my blog! How’s that for synchronicity?)

  2. Synchronicity is so much fun I can hardly stand it. And don’t get me started on religion. The basketball coach I divorced was a preacher’s son, Sunday School teacher, Christian college professor, etc., etc. My family now thinks I’m going to hell because I outed myself about my personal beliefs. I may be. But I’ll be damned (literally) if I subscribe anymore to the it’s-important-to-look-busy philosophy of Christianity. Oh, wait. That’s not Christianity, that’s just people talkin’.

    The magnet makes me laugh, though, and is a good reminder that I don’t think God gives a > how it *looks*. Too many Puritans in my family. I’ll tell you that for nothing. ;o) Hope you’re doing well. Thanks so much for stopping by (as always). xoxoxoxo

  3. I AM busy…when I’m not blogging or watching telly or sleeping in…

  4. Whew. Lonie, you should be totally safe then. Let me know how you do it. I could usesome pointers. ;o)

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