Steve and Mr. Cinnamon Roll

March 2, 2007

It’s a good thing we still have our day jobs. I don’t think Comedy Central is going to be calling anytime soon. For future reference, this is Steve, my craps buddy. Details to follow.



  1. Clicked on PLAY and got nuthin’. ???

  2. Okay, it’s working now.

  3. More! More! Very funny.

  4. Gawpo! So glad it finally worked for you. I’ll have to tell Steve you liked it. He had done a REALLY funny version (which is why I grabbed my camera) but Take Two wasn’t as funny as the first, which is why you hear me say, “That’s not very funny” at the end. We’ll have to go for a series or something, though. Steve has a great sense of humor.

  5. Hi, Angela? This is Bill Johnson, director of new programming for Comedy Central. Someone just told me about Mr. Cinnamon Roll, and I had to come see for myself it it really was all they claimed it to be. Now that I’ve seen it, I have to tell you that it’s all that and more. In fact, it bears an uncanny resemblance to a character we’re developing called Danish Guy. Please remove this video immediately or you will be hearing from our attorneys.


  6. Crap. Bill, your people are just going to have to talk to my people. p.s. Danish Guy sucks. Long live Mr. Cinnamon Roll! p.p.s. Tell Diesel “hey” for us, especially Mr. Cinnamon Roll. Yo.

  7. […] enjoy the ride « On true friendship Ding, Fries Are Done! December 6, 2007 Steve shared this with me last year and we laughed and laughed. He sent the link again yesterday, and I […]

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