Nothing New Under the Sun

March 6, 2007

Dammit. Just when I think I’m being original, I find out that it’s already been done. Quite a few times, I’m sure. Kind of like my idea for brake lights that glow stronger (or a different color or have that cool Knight Rider Kit thing where it lights up on a scale) so that I can know the difference between the bloke in front of me who has just slammed his breaks to the floor and the grandma in front of me who enjoys tapping her breaks for fun every five seconds just to make sure they’re still working.

Yep. Mercedes is now doing it. And here’s me without the patent. Just a person who thought, “You know, that would be a good idea.”

And, like the guy who created Netflix because he ended up with some atrocious late fee, I could really USE the guy (or grandma) in front of me to warn me when he slams the pedal to the ground.

Have I mentioned recently that I am from The California? (Not the bad driving part of California, but California nonetheless.) I also don’t particularly like stopping at stop signs or going without a tan, but some things are just better left in California.

This, however, is not about my lost millions from Mercedes, or even about California, though I miss it — the sun and the beach and the redwoods and stuff. It’s about a lovely phrase I came up with today when the phrase “There’s no ‘I’ in team” was mentioned.

“Well, there’s no ‘win’ in team either,” I quipped.

“Did you just make that up?” Wonder Twin #1 (aka Steve) asked.

“I dunno. I guess,” I said, feeling dumb and looking dumber.

“Huh. I think I’ve heard that before.”

Thankfully, The Google was there, ready and willing to help me with this dilemma, and while I would love to believe that I am as gifted and talented as T-Shirt writers, the truth is that I’m really just a big faker who has somehow found people in the universe to pay her for showing up to work. I’m just glad that somebody out there gets me and my weird sense of humor.



p.s. For anyone out there who doesn’t get me, I am a team player. I am, dammit. As long as I get to be in charge and you all do exactly as I say. Muwahahahahahaha.



  1. That’s the kind of team player I am, too. I love being on a team if I can run it. Otherwise, I’ve got other things to think about as I stare out the window.

  2. CSL ~ I’ve found that “group work” usually means that I do most (if not all of it) while other people ride my wave and generally make it harder for me to do what I need to get done. I guess I didn’t play enough team sports as a kid, but I’d rather just do it, get it done and get on with it. Cheers!

  3. ever wonder why there’s no I in eye? me too. (now that’s a shirt you can print and i’ll buy. wait. I’LL print, YOU buy. then together we’ll go kick some ass at Mercedes — those idea-stealing bastards). funny stuff, Angela! (loveloveloved your Vegas post, too — just too lazy to leave a comment at the moment. hopefully i’ll make it back over later and do so, then!) šŸ˜‰ xox

  4. Neva ~ if everyone was as sweet as you are, the world would be a better place. I think you, CSL and I (hehehe, instead of “me”) could kick some serious ass. Sorry to have been remiss in my blog visiting lately. For some funny reason, my day job folks want me to WORK. It’s really cutting into my social life. HA! Big hugs right back atchya! Hope all is well in Snarkland. Oh, crap. I just realized that it’s Wednesday and Diesel was on Monday night. My life is like that — it’s flying by. Stink. xoxoxo

  5. Hi Ang! How’s my favorite team player! šŸ™‚ No ‘win’ in team indeed! I just realized that thje letters of ‘team’ can be made to spell ‘meat’. Is that, like, funny or something? Not at all! Where am I headed with this? Beats the hell out of me!

    Love your new Flickr photos! You just keep getting more beautiful very day, don’t you! Hugs and smooches.

  6. Hi Dan! You are too sweet to me, as always. I had a good laugh googling the “no I in team” idea because some of the responses would come up with, “but there is a ME.” šŸ™‚ I hope your weekend is fabulous. Lots of love right back atcha.

  7. I came up with this cool idea for a teddy bear with a velcro pouch in it that would hold a removable tummy that you could put in the microwave and warm up. Then you’d put it back in the bear and it would be all warm and snuggly for a couple of hours.

    Then I googled “teddy bear microwave” or something. Somebody beat me to it.

  8. TOO funny. I had the brake light idea years ago. Damn, I knew it.

  9. Diesel, what a great idea! When Babs was little, little, I bought one of those Mommy Bears that makes “womb” sounds. 20 bucks. Such a sucker I am. Babs saw right through my ruse and it only bought me 5 or 6 extra minutes of time, but my niece loved it!

    Mark, we really are on the same wavelength, aren’t we?! And if we’d just pursued it, we could be on the beach in the Bahamas right now. Ah, well. Next time, yes?

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