Who says dogs can’t talk?!

March 9, 2007

Talking dogs

Happy weekend, all! Hope you enjoy. I’m posting this because I have this massive desire to go to the local humane society and bring home a rottweiler, a basset hound and a big black german shepherd named Stella. STELLA! (Can you imagine how much fun it would be to call her name?! I can!)

In order to keep the peace at home, though, I’m only allowed to bring home a certain number of strays without permission, and I’m over my limit for the year. Right now I’m trying to talk Jon into “fostering,” which is another word for “bringing them home to live with us permanently.” Think he’ll catch on?

“I WANT MY MAMA!” (Yes, I am definitely on the verge of becoming the Crazy Cat Lady — and you know what? I am totally okay with that!) xoxoxxo





These sweet pups and more need homes, but since most of y’all aren’t in Idaho it doesn’t do much good to link you to where they are, much as I want to.

I heard an amazing statistic recently, though, that said that black dogs and cats are the least likely to be adopted from shelters. Why is that? Are there more black dogs in the world? I know that it’s not adopt-a-shelter-dog month (and so you’ll have to forgive me for pitching homeless dogs when it’s not even Inappropriate Card Day), but dammit if I don’t want to bring all these sweeties home, especially the black ones.



  1. That freaked me right out. I don’t even like it when strangers talk to me.

  2. Yeah… but do they blog?

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  4. This was funny and it cracked my son up. My Mom works with her local animal shelter and fosters dogs. There are always at three or for of them at her house. That’s interestingabout the black dogs – we orginally asked for any color greyhound but black because they looked a little more sinister. We ended up with a black one and he is as sweet as he can be.

  5. I purposely chose black dogs (one pedigree, one from the pound) because animals with fair skin and noses are more susceptible to skin cancer in our hot Australian sun.

  6. Diesel ~ such high praise from you! (I prefer to be left alone, too, by the way. I learned this woman’s entire history a couple of weekends back and no amount of removing eye contact seemed to help. Yikes!)

    Brody ~ some seem to, if you look at dogster.com. They’re pretty funny, too.

    CSL ~ I’m so glad he liked it. I think they definitely saved the best for last. Black is the best. Smokey is mostly black, and my rottie, Caesar was all black and the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. Jon is pretty set against getting another dog, but we’ll see. Maybe I just need to volunteer at the shelter.

    Lonie ~ Ahhh, good point. You’re such a smartie. But then, that’s just stating the obvious. Cheers to you, my friend.

  7. Thanks for shining some light on the dark side of evolution, Angela: five or ten thousand generations from now, our pets will be busting our chops pretty much just like our relatives do now.

  8. Hey Al! I haven’t quite figured out why they aren’t doing it yet. Those dogs are on to something, I tell ya. Cheers!

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