Pet Food Recall

March 20, 2007

Good morning, loves!

While I strive to be the messenger of only good news, too many of you have kitties to let this one slide by. (Cats seem to be more susceptible to this than dogs.) If you haven’t heard about the pet food recall, check this list to see if you’ve been feeding your pets any of these foods. The manufacturers say they don’t know yet what’s caused the problem, but they’re guessing that it’s wheat gluten purchased from a new supplier.

Most troubling is that when they decided to test the foods, one in six dogs or cats died. Apparently, whatever it is in the food attacks the kidneys, causing kidney failure.

The list is extensive and can be found here at menufoods.com. Smokey eats dry food, so we’re thankful that this doesn’t apply to us. (Apparently, only wet food is harmful.) But it definitely has me re-thinking what I feed him and I know that many pet owners are concerned after the deaths. My gut says that many more deaths will be attributed to this before it’s all said and done, which makes for a sad day for yours truly.

I know that the media has picked this one up and run with it, so I’m hopeful that everyone knows and has checked their cupboards by now. On the off chance that someone hasn’t heard, I wanted to spread the news and get those cans and pouches thrown out as quickly as possible. Most companies that I’ve read about are offering refunds on the food, and it seems that the Today show reported that Menu Foods is offering “compensation” (whatever that means) for owners whose pets die because of the contaminated food. (As if a pet’s life has a price tag, but what can they do now, really?)

Time to go home and make sure there aren’t any cans of Mighty Dog in the pantry!

Smokey - a good dog

Posted in honor of Smokey, a good dog.



  1. That’s bloody criminal, isn’t it? We feed our dogs dry food too, but I’m rethinking the brand we buy now.

  2. Lonie, it truly is scary to think that something that most folks are buying as a treat for their pets has been so harmful. (Those little pouches aren’t cheap, either!) Smokey’s been scratching lately and the vet says he thinks it’s behavioral, but I wonder if it’s allergies so have been playing with the food I give him (while trying not to switch him around too much, which I hear is bad for them, as well). Someone was saying in a pet forum that Old Mother Hubbard and Dick Van Patten food is really good (although what Dick Van Patten has to do with dog food is beyond me). It really has me thinking, as well, along with a lot of other pet owners, I’m sure. Cheers to you!

  3. That’s a long list of contaminated foods. Another good argument for dry dog food.

  4. They can pay the vet bills. Which are going to be in the millions. They can stop falsifying press statements. And they could actually say they are sorry.

    Smokey looks like a real wonderful dog. The kind of dog who gets into a lot of trouble because he is so alive. And stops you from being too mad because, well, he is just so wonderful.

  5. Max,

    Smokey is truly wonderful. A handful, but a wonderful reminder of how joyful it can feel to be alive. And you are absolutely right. There hasn’t been an apology really, yet, has there? I did read a small one from Procter and Gamble, but certainly nothing on the scale of what it deserves. It’s so ugly. I guess my sentence was really aimed more at the fact that there isn’t anything they can do to make up for the damage they have caused. To me, my pets’ lives are irreplaceable, and no amount of monetary “compensation” or apologies would bring them back, which is really all I would want.

    Best wishes to you on your blog. I’ll be back visiting!

  6. I do not think the conglomerate mentality understands these are not broken inanimate objects. This is not accidentally breaking a chair or mirror or candlestick in someone’s house. The death of of an animal companion is tantamount to the death of a child. That cannot be made up for or compensated for. But apologies would at least be trying. Any sign of grief would be trying.

    There is no grief here. There is no apology.

  7. Max, I agree wholeheartedly.

  8. Ang, thanks for posting this. I actually couldn’t believe it when I learned that they’re actually feeding this to dogs and cats to see what percentage would die?? Come on! They know the stuff kills, why do they have to keep killing to “make sure”.

    Lulu also only eats dry food, so we’re safe. Lulu, incidentally, is a big star of my newest video. 🙂 Hugs and smooches Ang.

  9. Dan, whew! I’ve never been so grateful for dry food in all my life. (Of course next month they’re going to turn around and tell us we’ve been killing our pets with dry food, but for now I feel a hella lot better feeding the dry than the wet.) Glad to know she’s alright. (And I’ll be by soon to see her and the dancing. Keep up the awesome work, Dan!)

  10. Darn, I’m late. Is it too late to get the stuff that will kill my cats?

    Where ya been, Angela? Hanging out at Dan’s, no doubt. 😉

  11. You know I was kidding, right?

    Come back, Angela! You need to play in my caption contest!

  12. Diesel!

    You know how I love your sense of humor. I also know that you’re a heartless bastard, so I don’t expect you to care about cats. 😉

    I promise, promise, promise to be by. I haven’t even made it to Dan’s yet to see his new vid and am doing things like posting pictures to hopefully not lose my sweet and wonderful audience while life speeds up for me. Keep rockin’ buddy!

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