Happy Spring!

March 21, 2007

I took these outside the office earlier this week and wanted to share.





  1. WOW! DAFFODILS AND BLOSSOMS!!!! I just love flowers..We also have a special festival to celebrate spring in my country. I posted pictures of how we celebrate spring here. you can have a look at them when you get time.Cheers…
    & oh..By the way..Happy Shit Day.

  2. Mona! Happy Shit Day! (A few days late, I know, but that seems to be the story of my life lately.)

    A spring festival? I WANT TO COME! I’ll be by soon. I hope today is not Shit Day for you! (But I’m so so glad that you came up with that, because that’s just effin hilarious!) xoxoxxo

  3. Beautiful. Looks like spring has made it your way, too.

  4. I’m loving your photos, as well, CSL. Thank you for always having something so beautiful to look at when we visit!

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