I’m a good dog and I just want to go home

April 13, 2007

If this doesn’t send you to your local shelter (or at least make you tear up and possibly donate), I don’t know what will. And while I’m not schlepping Pedigree dog food, I still am on a mission to bring another dog home. Can you tell?



  1. Just one?

  2. My neighbor’s dog (border collie) just got run over by a car. She has a habit of biting the tires of moving vehicles. I can’t believe she lived this long. Anyway, we thought she was a goner but it turns out she just dislocated her hip (just like Climber! sort of), so she’ll live to be run over again. It’s too bad that people felt the need to breed stupidity into dogs. She’s a nice dog, and doesn’t deserve to die just because she’s stupid.

  3. Oh my God, now I am thoroughly depressed. So many unwanted creatures out there. I wish people would get better about spaying/neutering to at least reduce the number that end up in shelters.

  4. Al ~ I’m thinking that *one* is all I’m going to be able to talk Jon into for now. Muwahahahahahaha.

    Diesel ~ poor babe! (The dog, too!) How IS lil’ climber, by the way. Those kinds of lessons are hard to learn (and sure take the fun out of climbing). I hope all is well and back to climbing soon! (And that the dog figures out that cars = pain.)

    CSL ~ there are so many babes in the woods, so to speak. And yes, the spaying and neutering would make a big difference, though I admit that I lost my chance with banished cat last year when I should have taken it. I’m becoming very anti-breeder after learning more about the numbers of pets who need good homes. (Nothing against them personally, just that with so many good and wonderful dogs locked up, it sure would be great if everyone could take one or two.)

  5. Speaking of avoiding breeders I’m not in the market for dog food so can’t use Pedigree, but I do like to patronize a local branch of a chain of pet stores that houses dogs and cats for adoption instead of selling puppies and kittens. My Outside Cat continually repays the effort it took to trap and neuter him by being an incredibly sweet pet. Now HE was lucky — he got DH’s sympathy first. He does keep insisting that he wants to live inside with us, although he now has a sheltered and insulated house of genuine cedar (sold by “AngeliCat” so you know it’s good) with a padded bed inside. What a guy.

  6. Hazy, YES! I am always so glad when pet stores do that. I’m sure that in your care, your cats have nothing but the best! (Though look out now for Natural Balance — the recalls just keep coming.) xoxoxoxoxo

  7. the dog foods that we use are certified organic as we do not want to use those dog foods contaminated with chemicals;’-

  8. my cousin runs a local pet store and i love looking at those cute puppies that he keeps on the store`.~

  9. the pet store here in our area offers me a great deal of discount when i buy from them ~-;

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