Seasons of Love

April 17, 2007

Four years ago, a man shot and killed his wife one block from the campus where I worked. The school went in lock-down mode, and I jumped in my car to get my daughter and drive as far away from that block as I could get.

Last night and today my heart has hurt for everyone affected by the Virgina Tech tragedy. There are times when there are no words, and this is one of them.

Four-and-a-half years ago I sat in a big, beautiful hall and watched the musical “Rent” for the first time.

Originally I ordered tickets because I fell in love with the popular song “Seasons of Love.”

“How do you measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee? In inches, in miles, in laughter and strife.”

“How about love?”

I lost it. Just lost it. I’m not one to break down in public, but I did then. I couldn’t stop crying. It was something about the way that these friends cared for each other, even though they were cold and homeless and had more troubles than I’d had in my 33 years put together.

They took care of each other, in spite of their troubles and usually because of them. And it brought the truth of my life home to me in a way I hadn’t allowed myself to feel before that night.

“How How Do You Measure The Life
Of A Women Or A Man?

In Truths That She Learned
Or In Times That He Cried
In Bridges He Burned
Or The Way That She Died

It’s Time Now – To Sing out
Tho` The Story Never Ends
Let’s Celebrate
Remember A Year In The Life of Friends

Remember The Love”

I think that was the night my marriage ended, if I had to point to a moment. I was too much looking for that season of love in my life — for someone who would remember what my life was about after I was gone, someone who cared, someone who just might possibly be interested in measuring my life, the good and the bad of it — someone who would look at me and really see me.

I hope that everyone who lost their life yesterday, whether in Virgina or elsewhere, was truly seen before he or she died. There is too much hurting in the world — too much not seeing and not being seen. I’m going home to hug my kid and say a prayer for every parent who won’t be able to do that again in this lifetime. If we all had more love, what would this world be like?



  1. You said it, Angela.

  2. I lost it. Just lost it. I’m not one to break down in public, but I did then. I couldn’t stop crying.

    You’re such a sweet person Ang. I wish I could give you a big, warm, loving hug right now for that!

  3. Thanks, guys. You two make the world a better place. I hope you know that!!!! Big hugs to you both.

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