When the going gets tough . . .

May 2, 2007

the tough go to DISNEYLAND!!!

Okay, so even if the going’s not really all that tough we’re still going. Because dammit, who doesn’t want to be at the Happiest Place On Earth?

No? Not you? Well, you’re just going to have to follow your own bliss, because I’m off to follow mine. (It must have been those mouse ears when I was three that got me hooked. I’ve adored that place ever since.)

And when a wonderful four-year-old girl who just coincidentally happens to be the daughter of a best friend who has been a best friend for more than two-thirds of your life looks up to you with big eyes and says, “Princess Angie, can we go see the Princess castle?” if you’re me you figure out how to damn well make it happen.

Because what is life really if it’s not making kids’ dreams (and your own for that matter) come true? (Of course, this dream was kindly brought to us by expedia who had a lovely $165 round trip ticket available at just the right time.)

Have a wonderful rest of your week and weekend, everyone. I’ll be thinking of you as I’m (hopefully) basking in the California sun, feeling happy that someone created the Fast Pass, and generally counting my blessings. Ciao, bellas!




  1. Disneyland? Why not just come and visit me? We could chase mice all day. Watch the landscapers cut the grass outside (I’m learning Spanish by doing this). Give each other belly rubs … I GO FIRST!

    Maybe even we can nuzzle each other and purr. Hey wait a second … you’re one of those humans arean’t you? Well I suppose that’s OK. Gosh, Dad said you were beautiful and we wasn’t joking (like he usually does). Of course no one is as gorgeous as me.

  2. Awww Angela, with all your humour, I ofetn forget what a basically nice person you seem to be. Have fun!

  3. The happiest place on earth. Hmmm. I have a friend hwo seems to be a Disny freak, and goes to Disney Land with frightening frequency. And then when he vacationed in Florida, where did he go? Disney World. I keep thinking I ought to take my kids once, but then I think well, there’s Costa Rica, or maybe Africa. But, I hope you have some great kid moments, and enjoy the hell out of yourself.

  4. Lulu, how sweet you are! And yes, I definitely know that there is certainly no equal to your exquisite beauty. Hug your dad for me and find a nice place in the sun to snooze. Watch out for that dancing, too! xoxoxo

    Iz, you are too kind! I like to think of myself as a basically nice person, but then I have my moments and realize that I’m made up of both dark and light, just like everyone else. I just try to live my life knowing that at any moment I could check out so it’s best just to grab life by the horns and love the ones you’re with while you have them. Cheers to you!!

    CS, okay, so maybe just the Busiest Place on Earth! I think it must be something about having such a great time there as a kid that brings back all the warm fuzzies for me, because I know that the thought of Disneyland strikes horror into the minds of some people (and that there is definitely a continum between horror and the freakishness you speak of). I think that people need to find (and honor) their “happy place,” wherever that is. For my girlfriend, it’s Redding, California, of all places. Not for me, but for her, it’s the place that fills her heart. And thank you for the good wishes. We had a fabulous time, and being there with Denise’s little one when she saw the castle for the first time was a true highlight. She was jumping. It was marvellous!! (But I definitely loved Costa Rica, too, and would go back in a heartbeat.)

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