Thought for the day

June 6, 2007

I found this today on brainyquotes.com while I was looking for something else. Funny how life works that way. I had heard a variation of this, but not this exactly. It intrigued me and spoke to me in a way I wish it didn’t.

“You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.”




  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Of course that’s because Buddha said it. Hello? 🙂

    Hi Ang! Glad to see your posting again!

  2. That really angers me!!! Errr…just kidding Buddha.

  3. Ah yes, wise old Buddha. That’s why he has a major religion based on his teachings and I’m just an unenlightened wretch 🙂

  4. I met with a zen teacher at a retreat once and talked about anger (specifically about someone who was annoying me at the retreat!) and he recomended mentally turning a mirror on yourself and saying, “Who is that who is angry?” The idea being that you switch the focus from the perceived source of your anger to yourself, and it is rarely worth the negative emotion.

  5. Dan ~ you are so funny. I wish I could be as funny as you are on a regular basis. You make me smile.

    VE ~ Well, hello! Welcome to this crazy little corner of the universe. With that kind of humor, I hope that you’ll stick around. Laughter is good for the soul, and you, my new friend, made me laugh. Very funny. Thank you!

    Lonie ~ I hardly see you as either unenlightened or as a wretch. I think that the people who are truthfully unenlightened never even think about whether they are or not. I imagine you as someone who is a lot farther along the path that you may realize. On the positive side of not having a major religious following, you can still go to the grocery store for eggs and milk and not get accosted. The older I get, the more I value this often-taken-for-granted freedom. xoxoxoxo

    CS ~ Have I told you lately how much I love your little nuggets of wisdom? I could live for months on one nugget alone. There’s another great Buddha quote about anger that I’ll have to find and post. It complements what you’re saying. I keep thinking of finding and signing up for a retreat. I think I need to before I decide to retreat from the world altogether. My mother-in-law talks about the “guilty pleasure of negative emotion” and I’d like to hope that I don’t fall into that category, but I’m sure that I do more than I would like. My hope is that with whatever I’m dealing with emotionally that I won’t get caught up in it, but keep moving through it until it’s done. Thanks again for posting this. Much to think about I have (or not, as Dan would say). 😉

  6. Well, that is someone else’s nugget of wisdom but I do find it helpful. Not that I don;t indu;ge in anger and other neagitve emtions anyway!

  7. CS ~ Thank God you do it, too. I’d feel horribly alone if you didn’t. xoxoxoxo

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