Keeping It Real

June 28, 2007

With my thanks to Kathy Sierra for being so hilariously funny.

(For Diesel)




  1. The bitter truth, said with a smile! Still, I’m sending my pups to college anyway.

  2. Me, too! I just had to laugh because in the e-mail I sent to my friends and family when I quit my mucky-muck director job a couple of years ago I explained that I was thinking of going to work for Starbucks — mostly because it seems like employee satisfaction is high there and I was anything but satisfied with the treatment I’d been receiving.

    My poor father-in-law (who didn’t know me well) asked Jon if I was serious in a fairly agast way. He’s not one to value the happiness of a job situation as much as the paycheck.

    For Babs it’s never, if you do or don’t go to college, it’s always “When you go to college . . . ”

    Life has been harder for everyone I know who didn’t go. Not easy for the rest of us, but there are definitely advantages. There are always exceptions to this, but luck definitely favors the prepared.

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