With my apologies

July 14, 2007

To those who are hoping for a humor blog, I apologize. Apparently I am needing to get some things off of my chest, so this fun, life-ish, humor blog has been temporary overtaken by my inner bitter self as a means of catharsis.

We hope to return to our regularly scheduled programming momentarily.

If this had been an actual emergency, you would have received further instructions.

Cheers, my friends, and thanks for bearing with me on this journey. It’s not always a pretty one.



  1. Ang, you hung in there all the times I had to set humor aside and deal with my separation and divorce. Sometimes you have to deal with what life hands you, and its not your job to always entertain us. Write what you need to. And all I can do is say feebly, I hear you, and I’m so sorry.” It’s not much, I know, but I mean it.

  2. C ~ Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Heavy sigh. I just realize how it brings up things that are so tender: primarily all those times he tried to tell me I was silly or paranoid or just plain crazy to think that he was cheating. Why would he cheat? he said. He loved me. We had a wonderful life together, didn’t we? Why would he go and screw that up? Manipulators. I have learned to hate them. But the hate is my problem, and I probably just have to cry my way through it however many more times I have to cry, you know?

    Thanks for the sympathy and support. It means so very much. xoxoxoxo

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