What I love about this life

July 17, 2007

It never ceases to amaze me that the universe seems to present things to me at just the right time when I’m needing them, whether it be a reality check, a kick in the butt or words of inspiration.

In a complete random accident (I was trying to make sure that I spelled “magnificence” correctly), I stumbled on these little words of affirmation. I know that many of us need to hear these, so I share them with you in the hopes that they remind you of just how magnificent you are, too!



Know that You Are Loved

And while I can’t speak to the authors of the You Are Magnificent page, I do know that what they wrote was something I needed to hear today.


Photo credit belongs to The Firefly Forest, a beautiful site with Arizona roots. Good things come from Arizona!

So how about it? Do you love receiving shameless love and adoration? What makes you (yes, you!) magnificent? Go on and brag a bit. You deserve it!!


  1. Yes. In fact, I think being adored at least once in a while is a necessity.

  2. You are magnificent! Just the other day, I had to look up this word, too! I was writing a card to my sister telling her what a magnificent time I had had with her in Ireland. I’m thinking it was exactly the same day that you discovered your page of inspiration. Thank you for being a welcome and magnificent force in my life. More to come…thanks for sharing your space with me…

  3. Franny, I can’t think of anyone more magnificent than you to share my space with. And since you didn’t list what makes you magnificent, I will: your heart, your smile, the joy you emit on a daily basis. I just love you! Thank YOU for being such a magnificent force in my life.

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