Philosophical question for the day

July 21, 2007

I’ll give you a topic:

British philosopher and novelist Iris Murdoch (1919 – 1999) once postulated that one of the secrets to a happy life is continuous small treats.

Yes? No? Maybe so?

I bought myself some baklava the other afternoon at lunch, but it wasn’t very good. But maybe that’s only because I wasn’t eating it for breakfast.

At any rate, it’s left me hoping that the Christmas baklava makes it back to Costco shelves. Soon.

I treated myself to brie and sun-dried tomatoes tonight and was grateful for my own thoughtfulness to myself. (Inner voice: What do you MEAN, Angela?! Thoughtfulness to yourself? That’s like a contradiction in terms, isn’t it?)

Asking for what I need.

Finding inner peace.

Going along with the ride.

Enjoying small treats.

Yep. That about sums it up.



  1. Yes, I agree – ‘one of’ (the secrets) being the salient part. But then I tell my daughter that chocolate/lollies/dessert is not a treat if she has it everyday, so how do I reconcile that 😉

  2. I just spent my morning this way: taking a long wlak and picking flowers to put on my table, eating pumpernickel bread with cream cheese and smoked salmon, reading the beginning of the new Harry Potter book and then snoozing a bit in a comfy chair. Oh, sure, there’s work to be done, but I’m all about the little treats in life. (I may have to post some of this!)

  3. This is a wonderful postive post Ang.

    Was it Thoreau who said that happiness was wanting what you had, instead of wanting what you didn’t have? That’s another good way to be happy.

    But when I’m unhappy it’s because I’m comparing my current situation with something BETTER. I never compare my situation to something WORSE. But isn’t it equally likely that a worse situation could have resulted? We’re never happy when we wake up without a tooth ache, are we? It takes practice.

    Hugs and love Ang. They don’t make bloggers sweeter than you.

  4. mmmm, backlava is the yummiest.

  5. If by treats you mean Prozac, yes.

  6. You certainly have good taste.

  7. “Simple abundance” is what you described at the end of your post. If I ate baklava in the morning, I’d be feeling a bit queasy, as well as thinking I’m pregnant………which for a lesbian is quite strange. Hmm.

    Nothing wrong with treating yourself. It’s important to do that every now and then, if not everyday!


  8. Lonie ~ I definitely agree that any treat given too often loses its “treat” status. I also think that all treats need not be harmful to your teeth, like a big bear hug or an art project. “Continuous” is probably too strong of a word. 😉

    And CS ~ I think you’re on to something. Maybe they should be more continuous than I was thinking previously.

    Dan ~ You are too good to me, as always. I’m not sure if it was Thoreau or not, but it feels nice to credit him! There are so many people in the world with FAR less than we have and yet many seem happier. Happiness is never to be found in things (even baklava, unfortunately).

    Sassy ~ You and I are of like mind, my dear. Almost sinful that stuff is.

    Diesel ~ If you wouldn’t mind passing me one or two of those, I would be happy to put them in my treat jar. 😉

    Orhan ~ Thank you, my friend. I hope that all is well with you!

    Deb ~ Yes, simple abundance. I love that concept (and the book, too). I’ve actually known several lesbians who have been pregnant (purposefully, if it wasn’t obvious), so not a completely foreign concept for me, I guess. Here’s wishing you a week filled with treats! Thanks for piping in.

  9. I usually treat myself all the time. My husband wants to know when its his turn.

  10. Pool ~ Hilarious! Isn’t that the truth. Ah, husbands and wives. The topic could go on for millenia. Oh, wait. I think it already has! 😉

  11. “Everyone is struggling to attain happiness and avoid misfortune. … How, then, does happiness arise? People feel joy when their desires are fulfilled.”

    “We find a great contradiction in every person. Within the self-same individual are two apposing inclinations: the original mind that desires goodness and the evil mind that desires wickedness. They are engaged in a fierce battle, striving to accomplish two conflicting purposes. Any being possessing such a contradiction within itself is doomed to perish. Human beings, having acquired this contradiction, live on the bring of destruction.”

    – Exposition of the Divine Principle, The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity

    I’ve never had baklava, but from what I find on google images, it looks delicious. :drools:

  12. Hi Christopher ~ Baklava is absolutely amazing. I adore it. I enjoyed reading the quotations, though I don’t know that having the contradiction means that we are on the brink of destruction. I do believe that there is a balance in there somewhere. If not, I’d better give up baklava speedy quick, and I don’t think that’s going to be happening any time soon. If baklava brings about my downfall, so be it!! 😉 Thanks for visiting.

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