Oh, Alice, where art thou?!

July 29, 2007

Would someone let me know if the housekeeper is coming soon?

I keep expecting one to show up, and no one ever comes.

My house is looking worse by the minute.

Please, send help soon. I beg you! I’m holding the baklava hostage until some kind soul answers my plea. And for those of you who think I’m joking, I’m not. I’m totally cereal. I mean serious. Yeah. Serious. Like a heart attack. I need help. And that’s no yolk, folks.



  1. That’s it, I’m getting on a plane.

    Wait, do you have an airport?

  2. Diesel, I always knew you were a true friend. If you wouldn’t mind just jumping in your covered wagon and saddling up your horses, that would be just fabulous. 😉 Hope all is well with you!

  3. When the housekeeper is done at your house can you send her over to mine? And if it’s Diesel, then sind him over.

  4. CS ~ Absolutely! I can’t even imagine what life with someone helping clean the house would be like, but I can dream. 🙂 In this dream, there is never any stress before the arrival of the aforementioned housecleaner because he/she does not insist that I clean my house beforehand in preparation for the cleaning. This person is never intrusive, never steals any of my photos and threatens to put them on the Internet and charges me a reasonable amount (i.e. one I can afford). Ah, just the thought of it relaxes me.

  5. let me know when the housekeeper comes as I might need her for my house too. self cleaning houses — that’s what we need! baklava hostage ?! 😉

    btw: you never told me why you switched from google to wordpress.

  6. Foo! Self-cleaning houses would be marvelous. I may break down at some point and buy the robot vacuum. I think I could get used to that. Thanks so much for coming by. So good to see you. Hope all is well in your world!

  7. I think you should be looking heaven-ward now.
    It says: “I’ve sought thee by the lakelet,
    I’ve sought thee on the hill; I’ve sought thee
    in the forest, I’m looking heav’n-ward now.”
    Ah, those were the days!

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