Courtesy Notice

August 2, 2007

If you mess with my family, I will come after you. I have been too nice for too long to people who didn’t deserve it and am ready to unleash my inner Chuck Norris on you if you screw with my family. Consider yourself warned, oh you who do not have my family’s best interests at heart. Hurt anyone I love and you’ll wish you’d never met them.



  1. Angela you don’t look like you could harm a fly. But er…OK I’ll be scared.

  2. Hi Iz!! I KNOW, huh? That’s why I have to puff myself up like a big puffer fish in the hopes of scaring away the predators. I’ve decided that if I ever *am* put in that awful position, that I will just have to figure out how to channel Chuck Norris. He’s pretty bad ass. Happy weekend, Iz. Thanks for the comment. I know you’re sweet, and I feel like I could trust you with my babes. Pretty much anyone else is suspect, but you . . . you’re a dear. xoxoxo

  3. I, um… okay, I guess I’ll be nice to your loved ones after all. I had such evil inentions…

  4. inTentions. Sheesh. When will I ever learn to type?

  5. Wow, it’s always the quiet ones.

  6. i know what you mean… when it comes to family, it’s a whole different ballgame huh? i’m the same way with J, and I don’t have kids yet too but I already told J… when we do have kids I’ll probably be the overprotective dad everyone loves to hate. baahhh! And I consider myself a pretty calm guy.

  7. .. and am ready to unleash my inner Chuck Norris on you..

    Now that is very funny!

  8. Thanks, Foo! I know you know how I feel. There’s something about family that turns me all Godfather-ish. In my darkest moments I sit and pound out the Godfather theme on my piano. It’s my way of howling my frustrations, I think. If I can’t do anything about it, at least I can howl. Hope all is well with you!

    Orhan ~ so glad you liked it! I’ve been having a good time thinking about Chuck Norris lately.

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