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Understanding Chevy Chase more than I ever thought I would

August 13, 2007

So in 8 1/2 official hours of vacation, we have managed to turn a 5 hour trip into more than 8, hit every rest stop, side cafe, fast food joint, park and gas station along the desolate, primarily deserted two-lane road in the Eastern Oregon Dan did not show you, and there are now three more things I can add to my list of things I can not convince Jon to do (which is now starting to resemble the Torah). They are as follows:

1) Go more than 4 miles over the posted speed limit, even though when traffic whizzes by us at an unconsciousnable rate of speed it nearly blows us off the road;

2) Resist the urge to stop at EVERY (and yes, I do mean EVERY) possible opportunity for no less than 26.8 minutes each time while I sit in the car and bite my nails to smithereens while I watch the clock; and


And this is only a THIRD of the way to our destination. At this point, we MIGHT (and that’s a very optimistic might) be there by Christmas, which is a problem, since I have to be back to work on Thursday.

The hair on both of our necks was standing straight up during one of our “Could you PLEASE drive just a smidgen faster or at least not stop at EVERY bush for Smokey to pee — we go hours and hours at home without letting him out; why is this so different? Nothing is even coming out anymore. He’s just whining because every time he whines, you pull over and he gets to think he’s marking something.”

His response was, “Angela, the point is not the destination — it’s the journey.”

I think I’m going to gouge my eyes out with a fork.